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Africa House....the trade bridge between Africa and the World.
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Mission of the ALMC:
To provide an ethical platform from which African mineral resources are traded with the world while enriching Africans in the process.

The ALMC Strategy:

Offtaking African minerals from miners and artisans who are taught ethical mining to protect the environment; and the selling of African Minerals at world benchmark prices which will in turn bring prosperity to African nations via the paying of applicable taxes to government; and the resultant profit ploughed back to the local community to fund development projects such as education, roads and healthcare.
Functions of the ALMC:

1.        Purchasing, aggregating various African minerals for sale to international buyers.
2.       Finding international buyers for African minerals.
3.       Securing fair prices for African minerals.
4.      Teaching “Ethical Mining” to miners and artisans in the African mining sector.
5.       Certifying miners in “Climate Change” compliant mining.
6.       Teaching miners in Environmentally Friendly Mining Techniques”.
7.       Liaising with governments across Africa to manage the continent’s abundant mineral resources.
8.      Investing in the processing of African minerals into finished products for global use.
Services under the ALMC:
1.        International Minerals Brokerage and Sales.
2.       Minerals Export.
3.       International Gemstone Auction and Trading.
4.      Testing & Certifying Minerals and Gemstones.
5.       Certifying Gemstones.
6.       Cutting and Polishing Gemstones.
7.       Mine Geological Survey and Mapping.

Minerals under the ALMC:
1)       Lithium Ore
2)      Gemstones
3)      Aluminum
4)      Bitumen
5)      Coal
6)      Cobalt
7)      Coltan
8)      Copper
9)      Gold
10)   Gypsum
11)     Iron Ore
12)    Lead / Zinc
13)   Limestone
14)   Platinum
15)   Silver
16)    Sulphur
17)    Tantalite
18)   Tin

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