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Africa House....the trade bridge between Africa and the World.
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The Africa house represents trade interests of all the 54 African countries across the world, while fostering global trade relationships with potential partner nations that could aid in the development of the African economies. The mission of the Africa house include but not limited to:

  • Creating commercial relationship between Africa and the rest of the world
  • Facilitating African Exports
  • Establishing Inter Africa Studies Centres to foster global cooperation
  • Organising and facilitating Trade Negotiations
  • Supporting the establishment of Manufacturing Industries across Africa
  • Sourcing finance for African Manufacturing Projects
  • Resuscitation of Old Moribund Factories in Africa
  • Technical Support for African Industries
  • Technical Knowledge Transfer to Africa
  • Tackling the issue of African illegal mass migration
  • Issuing reports and conducting research on Trade, Culture and International Interests
  • Fostering mutual understanding in Culture, and Race relationships.

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